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Spirit Humour and Fun

We have a lot of people write to us expressing their appreciation of the compassion and depth of the wisdom and philosophy which comes through the spirit communications that we give samples of on the web site's pages. Due to restrictions on time we have to be necessarilly selective in the information which we put onto the pages though we hope that the humour of the spirit communicators shines through as well as their deeper thoughts. Humour and a sense of fun are certainly never far away. We thought that you might find some enjoyment if we focussed a little more specifically on the nature of this humour on this page.

The spirits take great delight in playing on the meaning of words and Davia in particular delights in tying us in knots getting us to explain modern everyday objects and things, implying that he is totally ignorant of what they are. Much of the humour and fun is banter, repartee and teasing and is based on the relationships which the Spirit Group have established with Home Circle members over the years. However, even new visitors to the group become aware of the humour and fun very quickly, Davia often making an appearance to lighten things up. As I said much of the lightness and fun is based around relationships and is very much in the context of the communications of the night. Therefore some of it would not be meaningful without lengthy explanations and even then it would probably lose its impact.

While we have many jovial spirits who visit us Davia without doubt is the person who excells in undermining any heavy feelings quickly bringing smiles and often raucous laughter. Davia as you will probably know by now is our Gate Keeper, Stage Manager, or a range of other titles he chooses to give himself from time to time. In short he organises and co-ordinates activities as well as contributing to the communications in his own right. We thought it would be interesting and enjoyable to give you a sample of Davia's humour. Hopefully the spirit of it will survive being typed onto a web page.

Davia - The "Keeper of the Gate"

One night Davia visited immediately after Jacob's session and Eileen introduced him to the new members of the group. In the past Davia had always referred to himself humourously as the "Stage Manager". However on this occasion Eileen hesitated with the introduction. Davia quickly introduced himself as the "Keeper of the Gate" and this started a whole flood of repartee between Davia and another member of the group. He was clearly feeling mischievous and told Eileen:

Davia: I am the "Keeper of the Gate". I do not like "Gate Keeper". Do you not think that it does not have quite the same ring to it? "Keeper of the Gate" sounds much more grand, don't you think? Therefore as from this time I am "Keeper of the Gate".

Q: Oh, so you don't want to be known as the "Stage Manager" any more then, Davia?

Davia: Well, when it suits me I will refer to that title, but for tonight I like the title, "Keeper of the Gate"; "Keeper of the Many Gates" in fact. I have to watch them all you know.

Q: So is there more than one?

Davia: Oh yes and they (other spirits) try to sneak in from the side gates. I am keeper of main gate but you've got to watch the side gates also you see. Such a chore it is to watch all these gates at once. You need eyes at the back of your head. Are you willing to apply when you come (to the spirit world) to help me with this task, then? There is a vacancy, yes, to watch the side gates.

Those of you who have read about Davia before will know that he maintains that when last on the earth plane he had several wives (he won't give us the exact number) and that they are all still with him now.

Q: I don't need to become one of your wives, do I?

Davia: No, no, do not say that. You will get them jealous. You will get me into trouble. What you thinking of?

Q: Oh, are they listening then?

Davia: They listen to everything. If they do not all come they send at least one to keep an eye on me. That's how they work you see. That is why they have so many of them you see, the wives, so they can take turns to watch me. So, when some attractive female says something inadvertently, like what you just said, it gets me into all kinds of trouble. But (still referring to the supposed vacancy) are you willing to take up this position?

Q: I'll consider it.

Davia: Why? Have you got better offers?

Q: Not yet.

Davia: Well how do you know you're going to get a better offer then? You'd better take the good offer while you've got it. You see, the vacancy might get filled and then where are you? You think you might get the better offer, but then you might not. You may miss out on it you see. You've got to take your offers while the iron is hot.

Davia then went to chat to a new member of the group before returning to this topic. The repartee continued:

Davia: And do not worry. If you take this job I will not keep you there for a hundred years or something like that.

Q: Oh so I might get promoted?

Davia: Yes, you get promoted or do something better or something else. (Laughs). I will not keep you there for eternity.

Davia talked a little to a new member about the message she'd received and emphasised the need for her to remain happy. It was time to finish and Davia continued with this theme before finally ending the session for that night.

Davia: So you must all be happy, my friends. No matter what is happening in your life you must remember, "Davia says I've got to be happy". "We will be happy". Yes, you will find happiness. For if you look within; if you touch your inner heart, your inner self; you will always find that happiness residing there, my friends. So do not let the transient things going on around you spoil your life. No matter how much is happening; no matter how bad it looks; if you go deep within and find yourself, you will find there, living happiness; a child who is playing happily, yes.

And so my friends, I think I have run out of my five minutes, so we've got to go. So my friends, we wish you eternal happiness. We wish you to keep this vision in front of you. And we will say, as we often say in our forlorn hope, (referring to the English weather), may the golden sun light up your days and even if it does not you will find that inner golden sun if you seek it within, my friends. So, let the golden sun light all your days and may the silver moon light all your nights. (Laughs and adds). With the cow jumping over it. Happy hearts and easy minds, my beautiful friends. Goodbye.

You can listen to an audio clip of Davia's humour on the Sound Files Page