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The Afterlife: Life in the Spirit World

Hai and other spirits have given us many insights into life after death, the afterlife, the and the spirit world, through their communications. They often try to convey to us the beauty of the spirit world, not only the beauty of their surroundings, but also the beauty of spirit communication and relationships, at least in their part of the spirit world. Indeed, it should be noted that it is more accurate to speak of spirit worlds, lands or realms as there are more than one. The spirit world which Hai and other spirits have described to us most often is the world which people will most usually go to after their earth life. However, they often refer to the other regions and realms which exist and have sometimes given us descriptions of the differences. Hai and some of the other evolved spirits who have visited us have indicated that they can travel between some of these realms. For the moment we will restrict our focus to the realm which most people will experience upon their transition from their earthly existence.

Hai: We wish to convey to you the beauty of the spirit land. It is a beauty beyond your understanding. Harmony prevails amongst all the people. The air breaths Harmony. There is a peace which is unknown to you on earth, unless fleetingly so. There, the peace is deeper and continuous and is not disturbed or distorted by the conditions that you have here. And therefore, it is a wondrous place of peace and beauty, and it is your heritage, the heritage of all people. You must know that we wish you to have comfort in the message which we convey. We wish you to have trust and confidence in what we are trying to describe to you, what we are trying to impart to you. For you should have hope for the future. You must know that this is your future which we try to convey to you, which we try to describe in words which are inadequate to the purpose.

Q: In the spirit world, when you touch your hand or touch your body does it feel the same to you as it does to me when I'm on earth?

Hai: It feels of substance, it feels of substance. Perhaps not quite the same, but it feels of substance. We are more sensitive to energies that are radiated out from people's spirit bodies and from all around us, the environment around us. For all radiates energy,love, harmony. Therefore we are more sensitive to the energies which make up the world. And the boundaries between us do not appear as solid or as definite as the boundaries do to you. This applies to our bodies, but it also applies to other things around us. We do not see rigid finishes to bodies around us. We are all aware of the underlying harmony, the underlying essence behind all things, within all things and across all things. But, we are aware of our own being. We have our own being. We are aware that it has a form. It does have a form. But it is more subtle than your body as well. We can link with each other more. In fact we often link with each other. As close as we get in the physical body we cannot touch each other as deeply, as sensitively, as we can in the spirit world. Your Paul has had some experience of this, with Isleen (another member of the spirit group) at first, then later with myself. We in the spirit world can touch each other's souls, can touch each other's hearts and it is a beautiful thing. Momentarily, we can link to each other. We can feel each other's hearts and minds in a closeness that is hard to understand when you are still in a physical body. But it is one of the joys which you will experience when you return to spirit. It is a beautiful thing, this touching, this linking with each other. It is a marvellous feeling. A closeness which you aspire for on earth and which you can experience to a degree, but not to the degree, or rarely so, that you can experience it in spirit. Do you understand?

Q: Yes,well, as well as I am able to.

Hai: It is like if your mind and Paul's mind were two bowls of liquid and somehow there was a means for the two liquids to touch each other and make contact. For that moment it would be hard to say where one mind started and the other stopped. There would be an intimacy, a oneness, for a brief moment perhaps, but a oneness until the liquids returned to their separate bowls again. And there is not the sense of separateness in the spirit world. For even when you are close together there is sometimes that sense of separateness because your thoughts are your thoughts and you are not aware of the thoughts of the other. There is not a sense of psychological touching, if you like. And this is restricted by the limitations, the restrictions of the physical world. So only so much is possible. But in spirit these limitations disappear and it is possible to sense, to touch, at a deeper level.

Q: Is it possible in some parts of the spirit world, perhaps when someone first passes over, that they think they are actually eating food, if they want it?

Hai: This is possible. There are many realms, many planes in the spirit world and there are some which mirror the earth. And, to an extent, they are necessary sometimes to help people adjust. Because it is a massive adjustment to return to the spirit world and sometimes people need conditions or circumstances which are akin to the physical world to help them on their way, to progress to higher planes.

Q: Is there a sun in the Spirit World?

Hai: There is no sun as such, but the light is bright, yet delicate, as I have said before a soft gentle light which lights up everywhere but is not as harsh as your sun is sometimes. Light is bright and illumines everywhere, but without harshness to the eyes.

Q: Do you ever have periods of dark?

Hai: No we do not have such dark. You could board yourself up in your room if you wish (Reference to the blackout in the room at the time) It is not necessary.

Hai then made reference to a small garden he has.

Q: That sounds lovely. I bet your garden is better than ours.

Hai: Ah well, we have the advantage. There are no seasons. There is no paling of the flowers.

Q: So you could have daffodils all of the time then?

Hai: Yes, we could if we wished.

Q: I was thinking, though, part of the pleasure of our gardens is knowing that we don't have long to enjoy the flowers before each season is over. If you could have just what you wanted all the time!

Hai: Part of your "pleasure" is waiting for the pain to go and anticipating the pain to come.(Laughter).

Q: I suppose you're right really.

Hai: You get used to the new circumstances here. You do not take the beauty for granted. Beauty is a living beauty which you do not take for granted. You have this problem not just with plants, but you have this problem with people also, you see, because you can view the flower of the person you are living with every day, every night, every week through the year. You become accustomed to them and so you become dulled to their beauty, their spiritual beauty. There is no winter, no spring, no summer in your relationships in the sense that there is a gap in your relationships and so you may become blase, too accustomed to each other and fail to see their beauty, the freshness of their beauty. And so you see, though the seasons assist you in not taking the plants and flowers for granted, you are left with the problem of not taking people for granted, which is a far greater case is it not?

Q: But why do you not take things for granted in the spirit world and yet we do so here?

Hai: You only take for granted because you do not have the eyes to see. You must have the eyes to see. For those who have developed the eyes to see you will not take each other for granted. And so it is with the spirit lands.

One of the visitors present referred to a spirit visitor who had come through on a previous occasion and who had described the cities in the spirit world as the "Hubub".

Hai: Just so. He conveys an immpression of a community, but without the harshness of the city. Without the harshness of the buildings of the city. But a community nevertheless. A community where there is a harmony between the buildings, the people and the plants, the countryside. Yes, where it is impossible to say: "this is a city, this is a countryside, these are the buildings, these are the people." There is a harmony, a togetherness, a harmony.

Q: Are the buildings as high as a sky scaper?

Hai: There are some which are high, which are grand, which evoke great emotion in their majesty. But there are many buildings which are more in keeping with the landscape and therefore the majestic buildings, the high buildings are more rare, in the minority. The other buildings are more common, which blend together with the landscape more.

Q: Do you visit the hubub Hai?

Hai: Ah yes, we visit the hubub. Oh yes, oh yes. It is nice to visit the hubub every now and then is it not, as you go to your big cities and visit them. It is nice to visit. We like this word "hubub". We shall use it and tell our friends we are going to the "hubub". (Laughter).

Architecture in the Spirit Land

We record all our sessions, but every now and then the technology lets us down. One night we were particularly unfortunate that this happened as we had a visit from a spirit architect who gave us an extraordinarilly detailed account of architecture in the spirit land and the process of creating buildings. I spoke about this to Donna and Heather in the Chat Room and as they expressed some interest I said I would try to summarise something of what the architect said.

He stated that most people live in modest homes, but some may live in larger structures where this serves a purpose. He explained that in his capacity as an architect he also ran a school for architects and therefore had a large home as it was needed as a place for his group to gather and work together.

He went on to talk about many things but it is the process of creating buildings which we can remember most clearly. He explained that, depending upon the complexity of the structure envisaged, it may be necessary for a number of architects to work together. He described a process whereby the group of architects would work together to create a 3D blueprint which when finalised would be projected through thought in full scale in the chosen location. When they are satisfied with the detail the group would then "call down" a higher energy which would "fix" the structure and give it permanency.

This is just a little sample of what the architect told us, but we hope it gives you something of the flavour of what he related to us. If he visits us again we will ask him to repeat some of his earlier communication and we will relay it to you.