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Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during September and October 2006

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Dark Forces and the Possibility of Spirit Possession. Is there a Need for Protection?

Q:I've been reading a book that talks about dark forces that walk the earth plane just waiting to invade somebody's body and I wondered if you could comment on that, Hai?

Hai: No, this is generally not the case. These people whom you have heard of, whom it is said are possessed, there may be a variety of conditions affecting them. Some of these people may be sick of mind, portraying a possession that does not exist. Others may indeed be influenced by undesirable spirits, but it is not possible that they would be fully possessed as such. They may be influenced momentarily from time to time but they could not be possessed in a sense of the spirit taking over their body; this is not possible.

You must understand that what you see before your eyes at this very moment is an illusion, in one sense. Because we do not act directly through the medium in the sense of inhabiting his body; we rather manipulate the nervous system, the essential mechanisms of the body. We create impulses in them to create the effect that you see before your eyes. Therefore we do not inhabit his body; we rather manipulate it with his permission; we impel it, we create impulses to create the effects that you see. It is like a chain reaction or when you see dominoes knocked over, yes. You knock over one domino at the far end of the line and the whole line collapses. So it is more like that; it is more indirect than you may immediately imagine. It is not possible for us to possess in the sense of taking over the physical body; this is not the way of it. We can only, with permission of the person who works with us, create impulses within the physical mechanism of his or her body in order to create the effect. And we can create the effect that we wish to a large extent provided there is good rapport, provided there is a good blending of energies between the spirit and the human person; the body of the human person. But it is an artistic thing, you understand; we create an art form to create the impression that we wish. And the impression that we wish to create is to manifest something of our own personality when last on the earth plane or some other life, which we manifested on the earth plane. We wish to portray our temperament, our character, our mannerisms, and our forms of speech so we may convey to you something of the way our personality functioned when last on the earth plane. But this is all done by what you would call, remote control, you understand. It is more indirect than you may imagine. We would like you to explain this please Eileen to others also, perhaps on your Internet.

Someone else commented:

Q: We've been told, by the leader of a meditation group that I belong to, that we have to make sure we close our chakras down after meditating and if we forget we will be open to all sorts of dark forces. Is that so, Hai?

Hai: No.

Hai laughed and told us of an image Davia was portraying to him where he was running up and down the stairs of a tall building frantically shutting all the windows. Hai continued:

Hai: You should not be worried about this. We have spoken of this before. If someone were to experience such difficulties, as you say in meditation, all your men in white coats would be kept very busy. (Smiles) There is no danger in this.

Q: No I wasn't worried myself but I was concerned what they were telling others and giving unnecessary fear.

Hai: Yes they are creating apprehension and fear unnecessarily. This is to the detriment; it is not helpful to us, and our cause. If worry is created in this way, they will be worried even if they sit in a group because the seeds of fear have already been sown. And so even when sitting in the security of and safety, as they think, of a group, their minds may be activated in fear; this is not helpful. Your essential nature is spiritual, your essential nature is communion and community with us and we with you; therefore, there is no harm in this. This of course is always subject, as I have said before, to reaching out with pure heart, you understand, for like attracts like and is the divine rule, the divine law. If you reach though in love, in compassion, in seeking the best, what harm can come to you? None. If you reach out with impure hearts, in self-centeredness, self-seekingness, then of course harm will come. But then harm will come anyway with such an attitude because, even if you do not reach out to spirits, but merely go about your daily business in the physical world, if you reach out with negative intent then harm will come. There are more dangerous people on your physical plane than any spirits you can come across, my friends.

Q: To go back to the original question, you said that spirits of ill intent could influence someone on the earth plan.

Hai: Yes. But again this is only possible if people seek such experiences, seek such intent, and will. There are those amongst you, I mean in your human race, that seek to make contact with spirits for evil intent and they suffer the consequences of that. They build an alliance, an affinity to spirits of evil intent but they may find that where they think they are the master they become the servant.

Q: But if it's an art form like you suggest, could that spirit still put someone into trance, if they were willing to go?

Hai: Yes if they were willing to go, if they are reaching out and connecting in this way, then indeed they may go into a trance state and the spirit may be able to influence their actions. But of more concern is that if they reach out and marry their mind with this spirit, in the sense of having an affinity with the mind of the spirit and the intents of the spirit, then this is of more concern for they will be influenced by that spirit and embrace that influence and act improperly or to the detriment of others. But it is they who have responsibility for this. They have control but they have chosen to abandon their control or to embrace the evil intents of other spirits.

Additional Comment on above:

We have received some questions and responses to the above so I thought I would add a comment by way of further explanation. Hai tends to respond to the emphasis of the particular question which is being posed at the time so when we transcribe his answer it is seldom a summary or overview of all his thoughts on a particular subject. I think on this occasion he was concerned to reassure people about the fear of spirit possession by malicious spirits. He was also playing down the value of rituals of protection, as he often has before, as he seems to be both worried on the one hand about people getting stuck in superstitious practices (though he has also said it is ok in moderation if it helps people to feel comfortable), and on the other, not paying enough mindfulness to their own thoughts and intentions as they reach out to communicate with spirit entities.

However, he has said a lot of other things about the issue at other times and he certainly would not say it is simply all down to the individual being self-seeking or loving as to the spirits they may draw to themselves. He has warned that people may draw negative spirits to themselves in other ways, because of their own negative states of mind due to anxiety, fear, stress, etc. It is therefore important to also endeavour to bring about a calm, positive state of mind when seeking communication. He has also cautioned that people need to be of reasonably balanced and strong mind if they wish to develop mediumship.


Time and the Spirit World

Q: I know that time is different or doesn't exist on your plane but do you experience something akin to time?

Hai: It depends how you measure time, my friend. You may measure time in many ways on your world. You speak of time yet there are many times and may ways of experiencing time. It is not as fixed as some of you would have it. It is more fluid than you realise. We could spend all night on this, my friend, but just to expand upon this a little. You will all have had the experience of experiencing time in different ways at different rates almost. If you think back to your childhood days and the passage of time during those days, did they not seem to stretch out much more than you now feel it? But in your recent years as adults you find time is different, feels different; the passing of a day seems to go quicker and so the mind and perceptions of the young child and adult are different. And so you may say we experience time differently as a child and adult, yet who is to say whose perception is correct; whose experience is correct? You understand? Likewise you may measure time in terms of change, yet as you look at the faces of each of you, at different individuals, you find that the rate of change varies; (smiles) some seem to sprout wrinkles more quickly than others. Some seem to deteriorate in body more quickly than others. This is another way to measure time, is it not?

The mere ticking of the clock, the passing of the minute and the hour is but a superficial measure of time; of more significance is the change that goes on within your world, within your bodies. Yet another way we may measure time is the passing of events, of activity, of action and this indeed still occurs in the spirit plane for we are not a plane of inactivity. So, therefore, it has its own history in a sense, its own development. And from this point of view we may speak of time as existing in the spirit realms yet we cannot speak of change in the same way that you experience change for it does not pertain to the spirit lands. Yet there can be change because we grow new buildings, we devise new art and so on. So from one level there is change but it is not the change of decay, which you experience on your plane. So there are some parallels but there are differences also my friend.

Q: You don't have night in your world, do you Hai?

Hai: The light is generally constant though we may vary it, may affect it for our own purposes.

Q: So can an individual change the light or would it need to be done as a group?

Hai: A powerful individual can affect the light but a group of people can also. But this is done with the permission of all, with the cooperation of all.

Q: So would everyone see the change in the light?

Hai: The change in the light can be localised to a certain area. Light is not light, as you know it in your world. The best I can do is to say that in general terms there is a lightness across all the realm; I speak only of one realm now to make it simpler for there are many realms, but the realm from which most of the spirits come to talk to you, is a realm of light and there is lightness everywhere you go. And, it would seem that there is one source of this light, yet, if you could imagine a huge hall that is lit by many lights bulbs, it could be compared with that. And if you were to turn off the light bulbs in one corner of the hall you would have an area of darkness or less light at least. And so it is a bit like this, we can manipulate light within the realm, we can affect it. This is a crude analogy, you understand but it is the best I can do to explain it to you.

Q: Do some new spirits like the place being darkened sometimes to make them feel more at home at night?

Hai: Well it's not generally a problem; there isn't the need for this, but it is possible to achieve. It could be achieved in their own home, to create such dark surroundings. All things are possible.

Q: I wonder if the light is a bit like the sort we get in dreams. Dreams are lit but there is no light there.

Hai: In the final analysis, all is thought, all is energy, and all is Mind.

Senses in the Spirit World

Q: Do you have a wide range of senses; for instances do you have our five senses plus others?

Hai: Yes, we have the equivalent of your senses though they are not identical to them. We have other senses also, yet it is more difficult to explain this. It is partly that our senses are broadened but it is also to do with the nature of our environment. When we look at a flower it is almost like we can hear a song, its song. Yet this is not to do with the faculty of hearing, it is rather another faculty, and it is characteristic of the flower that it can sing in this way. Therefore, it is interwoven with the different reality of our world, which is hard to explain because it is beyond your concepts and senses. Yet when you are here it will seem familiar to you; it will not be alien to you. There is a commonality, a similarity that will make you feel that you are at home in this world of ours, which in truth is your world also.

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