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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during September and October 2007

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Someone asked some questions about the book "Conversations with God".

Q: One of the things the book says is that we are not here to learn but to remember, because we actually already know everything or at least the concepts but we don't have the experience. We have to experience negative stuff to appreciate good stuff. So therefore we shouldn't judge those we perceive to do bad things. It also says: that which you judge you will one day become. I was wondering whether you would give us your thoughts on that, Hai?

Hai: (Hai smiles). There are many questions within your one question. We proceed to answer question one. You are here both to learn but also here to learn to remember for we are all One. And you within your inner most being, your essence, know the Essence, you know you are at one with the Essence, you know you are at one, you are the One Being; this you know.

But while you live on the earth plane, living your life, you have become estranged from this knowledge. So in truth you are born here, you are here to remember this. But you are also here to learn, because if you do not learn you will not be able to remember this knowledge. Therefore you must learn in order to find it, to seek enlightenment. Without the seeking there will be no enlightenment, no thorough going enlightenment. So therefore, there is both the fact that you are perfect within yourself, within your own innermost being, as you are now, but yet also you must learn, you must grow, you must develop that you may recognise this Inner Being of Affection. This may sound a paradox but it is as things are.

Then you have another question, a question of whether you should judge evil. You must judge evil, but you must not judge people; you must not throw the stone as your prophet of old (Jesus) has said. You must love all regardless of the crime which they have committed, regardless of how heinous the crime they have committed is. For you must look to see within, you must look with far-reaching eyes to see the inner soul of your brother, your sister, and you must find love within what you see. But it is because everyone always everywhere is worthy of our love without question that we should not judge them. But what this person says about judgement is not correct as far as it is not a matter that you will commit that which you have condemned. But it is possible that you may indeed commit what you have condemned because you all live many many lives upon the eternal wheel. Therefore it is entirely possible that within one of these lives that you will commit the very act that you have blamed, that you have judged. But it is not that the wheel of karma will make you commit such an act, it is rather that there may be a probability that you will commit such an act given certain conditions, given the endless variations of time and place and circumstance which you will live through during numerous lives. Does this answer your question my friend?

Q: Yes it does thank you, but I'm curious now about the book. ("Conversations with God")

Hai: This book is a wise book in many regards, but it does not mean it is a repository of all wisdom. You must judge it as you must judge my offerings. You must weigh it up in the cold light of day, in the cold light of the reasoning of your mind, the wisdom of your own heart; this you must judge for yourself. You must know that this title is misleading. It should not be a title that this person should use for it can create a certain expectation, a certain semblance of authority or authoritativeness which may mislead some.

Q: So who was he taking to when he communicated the book?

Hai: His Higher Self mainly. He may also have tapped into other influences; the source is not one. The source is generally benevolent. There are generally dangers in thinking you have a direct line to God, however benevolent you start from, for there are many of your prophets who have believed they have hot line to God. It is not so much what they have done with it. It is what their followers and others have done with it. They have turned it into something definitive without question, better than anything else; (smiles) something to beat others on the head with. The difficulties with this "Conversations with God" is the word, the concept, has too many overtones within your civilization, too many precursors to it. Davia suggests that he should have called the book "Conversations with a Fly", for this he says would epitomize the truth of the matter: that within the smallest fly there is all Eternity, the God Head, the Great Being of Oneness.

Q: Do you have a hot line with God then Hai?

Hai:(Silence). Why did you not pick up the phone? We all have hot line to God for we are at One with God; we are at Oneness with God. Therefore, you only have to allow your mind to be still, (voice goes quiet), and you will feel the Presence, the Oneness. It is like a lighted candle. If the wind blows, does not the flame go out? So it is because our minds are so active they create a draft (laughs) and the flame goes out. Do not take this analogy too far, but what I suggest by it is: if we do not let the mind flap we will be cognisant of the flame within. Whether you are taken this night or whether you are taken next year or forty years from now, the one flame still burns and will burn regardless of your condition.

Pregnant women who go to the spirit world

Q: When a pregnant woman dies is she able to look after her baby in the spirit world or does it quickly reincarnate into another woman?

Hai: Yes it may well be that baby can we with mother in the spirit world and the baby may grow up with her, but this is sometimes not the way it will be. Sometimes the way it should be is that the baby will move on. It may be placed in another body. It may be placed in another womb for it to grow and develop into a human being.

For you all must remember that all things work for the good; all things work for the good of each and every spirit, each and every soul. Therefore, if it works for the good of unborn baby and mother then perhaps they are together in the spirit world and the baby grows up with her. But maybe baby needed experience of dying in womb because of past issues and mother needed the experience because of past issues or karmic relationship towards each other. Therefore it may be also that this was all there needed to be and with the passing they go their own ways.

This is not to say there is no bond between them still; for the fact they have come together in this way reveals that they have a bond between them. But it is like magnets, yes, magnets attract. It is like if you put magnets at far end of room, they will not appear close to each other, but the field of attraction will still draw each other. So it is with those we have bonds with and so it is always throughout eternity.

Q: So even if a baby was in the very early stages in the womb and it was better that it stays with the mother, would the baby continue to develop in the spirit world as it would have done in the womb or is it quite different?

Hai: It would develop but in spirit form.

Q: I just thought your answer might be helpful to someone who'd lost a loved one in these circumstances and perhaps wondered whether mother and child were together in the spirit world.

Hai: You must not be attached. And in not being attached it does not mean that you give up love, that you do not love. For the greatest form of love can sometimes be letting go. We know that sometimes you on your plane find it difficult because you are too immersed in the human condition where family connections are very strong sometimes, binding people together and your view of reality is clouded by this. There is no harm in this for it partakes of the loving reality, but you must remember that the pond is bigger than you think. You may think the pond is full of your own family fish but really the pond is the ocean and you are equally connected to others, other fish in the sea.

Q: Is there still a connection between mother and child in the case of an abortion?

Hai: Yes.

Buddhist Monks in Burma

Someone asked about the action of the Buddhist Monks in Burms who took part in the recent demonstrations.

Hai: They tried to point the way to liberty, to freedom, to the rights of people and they do this in a non-aggressive, non violent way. Therefore this in our estimation is a good thing; quiet power. But those who exercise quiet power may be subject sometimes to those who are prone to abuse power in a violent way. Sometimes we have to stand our ground in spite of this.

Q: Do you think there is any likelihood of a change of heart with the government there?

Hai: No. There can only be a change of heart when hearts change. But there are those amongst this government perhaps who are more changeable, more opportunistic, more willing to test the wind, if you see what I mean. Therefore, though they are not of highest moral intent, yet they possess seeds of change perhaps, if you follow me. You say: "they know a good thing when they see it".

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