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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during September and October 2008

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Banks, the Financial Crisis and the Credit Crunch

Q: All the people who are responsible for the financial troubles at the moment, will they have to atone for that?

Hai: It will contribute to their own karma, yes, for they have brought untold misery upon some people. Perhaps not deliberately, but yet they have some responsibility for it and as with other karma they must answer for it; they must contribute atonement for their own mistakes.

Q: Can they do that here before they pass to the spirit world?

Hai: They can indeed begin to do something here, yes, but it may stretch on beyond this phase of life.

Q: I suppose we are all responsible in some way.

Hai: We all have our own responsibility for sure, yes, for our own contribution to this. Yet it is true what your bankers have tried to say. Because for them they gambled money; for that they must reap their own karma. But others borrowed money and they had not money to pay back, yes. For that they must reap their karma and they pay their karma while still upon this earth plane through their misery.

Q: It doesn't sound very good this. We start here and then have to be finished off when we go to the spirit world.

Hai: (Smiles). All this is learning though, yes? So it is not like your old religion. It is not about apportioning blame, it is all about growing and learning and developing, yes.

Q: But those who borrowed money, were they of an intelligence to know what they were doing?

Hai: Yes some were, many were, many were. It is like someone who offers a lolly to you, yes, a lolly stick. He says, here take the lolly stick, you take the lolly stick, forgetting to ask: "Oh, what do you want? (Laughs).

Davia says if he had a bank he would have a codfish as its emblem. A cod (laughs). COD. Yes (laughs loudly) that is the only way to run a bank he says. And he would have the codfish's mouth wide open. Davia says how is it you can have so many bankrupt banks but no bankrupt bankers. (Laughs again).

Someone commented that it felt scary to think that there may be things we are doing now that reap karma. Another group member asked:

Q: How do you become aware of what you are supposed to sort out Hai? And what triggers the will to put it right if we don't know what it is in the first place?

Hai: Looking within, looking within, yes. Everyone can see what they need to put right, to work upon, to change, to move out of, to grow out of, yes. But you must look within with an honest mirror, yes. You must polish your mirror well so it is shiny and clear and not obscured by your thoughts or anything else. And then you turn the mirror within and you look within yourself and you can see yourself clearly.

Q: And what happens if we see ourselves clearly but we can't do much about changing that?

Hai: When you see yourself clearly you can do something about changing.

Q: Are you taking about being honest with yourself about how you are and what you do? And how you function in life with other people?

Hai: Yes. You look at yourself clearly and honestly, not through a screen darkening.

Self Love

Q: What actually is self-love?

Hai: You must do it.

Q: How do you know you've got it? What effect does it have on your life?

Hai: You know you've got it when you are not thinking about it.

Q: You've confused me now.

Hai: When you have to think about it then you have a problem, yes, with this self-love. If you are self-loving and loving all, embracing all; for there is no difference is there not between this loving of yourself and loving of all others. And when you can embrace all others in this love as well as yourself then you are at Onement. You are at one with the world, you are at one with yourself, you are at one with the whole of creation. And you are at one with peace, inner peace, my friend. Nothing can shake you, nothing can disturb you, nothing can wobble you, for you are at one with yourselves and you rest secure in that oneness, in that contentment, in that peace, yes.

Q: Is that about accepting ourselves warts and all?

Hai: We accept you warts and all so why should you not accept yourselves warts and all, yes. Some people see themselves as ugly, yes, but I do not speak here of physical ugliness or unattractiveness. I speak rather of the inner vision by which they see themselves and they disparage themselves. If we were to translate this into an image they would see themselves as a lepper or a person full of sores on their outer skin.

But we would embrace them even if they looked like this; even if they were this we would embrace them in love. For they are our brother and sister and so if others would embrace you as you say warts and all, covered in sores, then so you too must embrace yourselves. For at your heart, at your root, you are divine. You are divine beauty, you are divine eternal being. Therefore you should embrace yourselves in love, in marvel that you are who you are, special, beautiful, children of Eternity.

Q: We're not good enough not to have to come back though are we Hai?

Hai: Well for many there is a need for many journeys upon this plane of earth to help them to grow, to refine themselves in the furnace of experience. Therefore, for many there is a need for many such journeys. But within you, you have the seeds of perfection and indeed at your innermost root you are already perfect. Therefore you should look to this and not worry about not being perfect, for in your innermost being and heart you already are perfect. It is manifesting that perfection, manifesting it through the warts and sores until all the warts and sores are healed away.

The Value of Adversity

One person who does a lot of voluntary work had the following question for Hai.

Q: It seems that the closer you get and the more you get to the truth, more things around us seem to go wrong. For instance, last week I was doing something for somebody and everything went wrong. I did not feel I could get into the place where I needed to be in order to help the person. I did eventually, but it just seems that when you've got some work to do you get both barrels so to speak. It feels like someone is attacking all the time. If this is the case then at what point does it stop?

Few minutes silence before Hai replied:

Hai: The farmer who plants the seeds and tills the soil and nurtures the crops to fruition has to accept the lashing rain, the thunder and lightning, the gales that blow over his fields and so on. Yet in spite of all these things he brings his crops to fruition. So you too my friend must bear the gales, the plagues, the things which would seem to pull you back, which would seem to prevent you from doing what you wish to do. Yet in spite of all these things you will succeed, you will grow and you will grow what you need to grow.

Therefore, do not pay too much mind to the things which seem to get in the way, the things which seem less than ideal and which seek to hold you back. But you press onward, my friend. You have a saying, Davia says, of "upward and onward", yes? So "upward and onward"; pay no mind to the distractions along the way. Pay no mind to the adversities which seem to prevent you, which seem to seek to prevent you. For your endeavour will be all the stronger and thrive all the more certainly because of it. And you will find that if you are able to persevere in this way through adversity you will find that you will become more sure, more strong within your centre, more able to weather the storms. Yes, stronger in your intent and stronger in your skill.

Another member commented:

Q: There always seem to be those who float through life and have an easy time of it.

Hai: From your perspective perhaps, yes, but not necessarily from their perspective. Perhaps anyway they have too easy a time; that can also be their cross to bear., if you can see this my friend? Sometimes, when our lives are too easy so it is too easy for us and we do not necessarily make good progress along our way, along our route. But if we can cope with the adversities of life and still be strong in spite of all these adversities; if we can still seek what we keep our eyes upon, then so too we will find that we will thrive, we will grow, we will move ever onward along the spiritual path.

Q: It would be nice if you could turn the volume up and down.

Hai: (Smiles). He says (Davia) the volume is turned up and down but not always by you (laughs).

Someone else asked:

Q: Can we ask for help?

Hai: Yes you can always ask for help and we will seek to provide you with help. Your guides, your helping spirits will provide you with help.

Q: Is there a polite way of asking because I lose my cool sometimes.

Hai: "Please". (Laughs).

Q: Do I sound really bad to you?

Hai: No, no. We are thick skinned. We do not seek accolades, we do not seek "thank you, thank you, thank you." We do not seek an easy time. We are there for you my friends and (laughs) we hope you will be there for us in your times of greater calm. But we know that the earthly life is not an easy life. It is a testing life. It is a difficult life at times. There are the storms and gales that we must all weather through. But, if you trim your sails you will weather the storm and you will make good progress.

Therefore, do not worry if you become ratty (laughs) with us. We will not hold it against you. We know the burdens which you must endure. We have all lived where you are living now. We can now be at greater calm, yes, but the merit of being at greater calm is far less on the plane that we now inhabit as opposed to the plane that you inhabit. It is easy to be calm and at ease is it not when, what does he (Davia) say, "when tea and cakes are being served before you on a silver platter". It is easy to be calm and at ease of mind. He says he never experienced such things in his life, 'cakes and tea on a silver platter' (laughs). "Wooden platter perhaps" he says, "not like you rich people."

Q: Can affirmations calm you down, such as, "I am happy"?

Hai: Yes, but you must enter into its spirit for otherwise it can just become a mantra. No harm in mantras but its value then becomes focussing upon the mantra, not on the words. But if you use affirmations, my friend, you must believe at the deepest level in the affirmation. It is no use reciting it mindlessly as some do I believe.

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